We work hard to protect our public health with medical products and to control epidemic diseases. We offer all the protective materials and disinfectant products you need in the medical industry. It is our priority to deliver the medical products with the features you want in the fastest time for your personnel health and work safety. BYM is always with you to meet your institutional needs with medical materials supplied by our experienced staff. Domestic and international import / export procurement services are provided by our company.



With Mobese systems, city monitoring, control and supervision services can be provided to ensure city security. Mobese is an abbreviation of the word Mobile Electronic System Integration. With Mobese, it is possible to carry out extremely important studies in terms of city safety such as prevention of events, detection, evidence and evidence, and quick and effective response to possible accidents. These systems are also known as City Security Systems, City Monitoring Systems. With projects and engineering services designed by the experienced staff of our company, BYM is always with you in meeting the needs of our cities and towns.


Video Conference

Today's internet connections allow the transmission of audio and video easily. Expenditures for face to face training and meetings constitute a significant cost in the expenses of the institutions. There are many distance education methods to minimize training seminar hall, accommodation, travel expenses and to follow the participants in the training interactively. Users participating in interactive trainings with distance learning methods can receive training without leaving their location. The level of participation in education, how far the training has reached its target, and interactive questions created during the training and the reactions of the participants to the training can be reported instantly in an electronic environment.



Start using ORACLE, the most common and reliable database software in the world, with the help of our expert team.


Kilardar: Tempature & Humidity Tracker

The Kilardar family, which is produced with domestic investment using the latest technologies, regularly monitors the sensor values in the environments that are desired to be monitored over wireless communication with its smart objects and stores them in secure cloud servers. If the determined sensor values are exceeded, it generates an alarm and notifies all authorized users instantly. It uses your wireless internet in the kilardar environment, it has a stylish look away from the cable crowd. In accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, you can report the environment data in pdf format at any time in monthly format. Having a Turkak approved calibration certificate, Kilardar pays great attention to energy consumption thanks to its special design and provides significant energy savings.