BYM Medikal keeps your work areas safe.

Our Mission

It is to develop and supply useful, permanent and economical projects, devices for companies in accordance with the telecommunication and IT understanding of the age we live in.

Our Vision

To be one of the leading companies in the sectors in the country and in the world.

About Us

Our company, operating in the fields of telecommunications, energy, IT, mining, engineering and project consultancy; It was founded on the main idea of ​​using advanced technology and presenting with professional management.

Our company; The researcher aims to contribute to the enhancement of quality in the fields specified in its field of activity by using its technological products that will be offered to the service of our private and public institutions and organizations with its innovative and contemporary approach. Ece Eğitim ve Ders Gereçleri Ltd. Sti. in Turkey and abroad Eloam Technology Co., Wanin Educational Multimedia Inc. There is cooperation and solution partnership with the companies.